Who We Are

Community Health Issues and Development Association endeavours to improve community healthy and wealth by preventing diseases and promoting social justice. Community Health Issues and Development Association (CHIDA) is a Not for Profit Making, Non-Political and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered under Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002, Section 12 (2) of Act No. 24 of 2002 by the appropriate United Republic of Tanzania Authorities.


Community Health Issues and Development Association, herein referred to as (CHIDA). It is a Non-Political and Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and not for Profit Making. CHIDA was visualized in 2010 and was registered on 2nd September, 2011 under the Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2002, Section 12 (2) of Act No. 24 of 2002 by the appropriate Tanzanian Authorities. It operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland.

CHIDA was visualized, raised and registered by some devoted and dedicated women of whom were devastatingly stricken by pain, segregation, stigmatization, suffering and strain of HIV/AIDS, and its linked barriers to social justice such as unmet Health Issues & SRHR, Poverty, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Unemployment, Underdevelopment and the like.

CHIDA is a 70% Women-led nonprofit organization, based in Dar Es Salaam with sub office in  Mufindi district Iringa Tanzania and Bunda in Mara region and we are planning to open up more upcountry branches. CHIDA is devoted to informing, imparting and empowering Tanzanians who are vulnerable, marginalized and hard to reach such as women,  youth, people with disabilities, the elderly and alike to become agents of change in the communities they reside. CHIDA members are devoted and aiming to work together with local and international organizations to improve lives of community members, in accordance with the stated objectives and mission.

CHIDA is committed to alleviate the impasses that limits the potentials of the target groups,  by way of creating enabling atmosphere, identifying the root-cause of problems consequently finding out ways and means of alleviation, identifying and engaging available resources objectively in order to attain sustainable development and improved living standards of Tanzanian community.

CHIDA through its programs give voice to the target groups particularly the women and youth, People with disabilities and the elderly. CHIDA also fights all societal and norms that degrade and limit women and youth to reach their potentials. CHIDA undertakes matters like decision making, leadership, unemployment, entrepreneurship, gender inequality, education and SRHR among young women and men and adolescents both girls and boys in and out of school. CHIDA empowers them to break the culture of silence, challenge the bias norms and providing solutions. CHIDA has vast experience in community partnership, organizational capacity building and empowerment of women and youth including those who are physically challenged